Party leads goals

General policy of the party :

  • Conquer and exercise state power ;
  • Ensuring the protection and promotion of fundamental freedoms and human  rights ;
  • Fight for the promotion of democracy and the defense of national sovereignty ;
  • Work for the consolidation of national independence ;
  • Safeguarding national unity and territorial integrity ;
  • Preserving the republican form and secular character of the state ;
  • Ensure the protection and protection of the environment.
With regard to party members :

➢ Raise the civic and patriotic awareness of Party members through training and example ;
➢ Promote conviviality and socialize members through frequent meetings and the generalization of team work ;
➢ Ensuring ethical governance based on respect for values and restoring trust both between citizens and the state and between different nationalities ;
➢ Giving tangible content to equal opportunities for social advancement through the promotion of the most deserving Party members and impartial decision-making.

With regard to national and international communities:

  • Fight against social inequalities and work for the social progress of the greatest number ;
  • Promote national cohesion, the reconciliation of ethnic communities and fight mistrust that paralyzes the necessary collaboration ;
  • Ensure a harmonious development of the national territory, enhance the potential of all regions and reduce the sources of frustration and conflict ;
  • Strongly support, through cooperation with other African and international political forces, African integration, which remains one of the essential conditions for the achievement of sustainable  ndogenous development ;
  • Work for the radiation of Africa ;
  • Contribute to humanizing globalization that oppresses the weak, increases
  • poverty and amplifies the inequality of resources produced by all