About us

Launched on March 02, 2019 in Paris, The Section-France of the Progressive Union Party was born from the desire of the Benin diaspora in France to engage in the political, social and economic life of Benin.

This diaspora, living in the first country where the number of Beninese in the diaspora is the strongest, had responded massively to the wind of change which blew in Benin and wishes to make its contribution to its development.

To do so, the Section-France is conducting discussions on all the subjects that impact the lives of Beninese. It wants to be a partner in the ongoing modernization and is organized to meet the expectations of Benin, but also to lead the candidate of the Progressive Union to win the vote.



President Bruno AMOUSSOU

To be active in a group is to live on your own initiative, it is to live the life of the working classes and to know your country. This is how we can be effective actors in social transformation.

Failure to do so cuts oneself off from real society in order to lock in the past. This risk is not theoretical. We have famous illustrations of it every day. Personalities who have held high responsibilities in our country fail to renew their speeches. They repeat the same things, make the same quotes,refer to their glorious past that no one remembers and believe they hold power for life. In reality, these personalities are churning out what is permanently imprinted in their brain that cannot be changed. They no longer pick up the signals of the changes taking place around them and which impose an enrichment of the text, the subject of their studious recitations. They therefore only work in read mode. They are PDF‘s politicians.

You then understand the immobility of those who have never campaigned, have never led a victorious electoral campaign for some of them and who have only discovered public affairs thanks to their surprising rise to the top. High national functions. Stay away from this model because it is an integral part of the difficulties of our country.

The software that allows you to switch to compatibility mode is called activism. It allows you to input new data that the company sends you and tailor your speech. In a word, it allows you to be alive.




Union Progressiste-France Section

The roots of the Baobab party have spread to France, where the largest community of the Beninese diaspora is established. This diaspora, eager to be represented, to make a contribution to building a more modern, more social and fairer Benin, has mobilized to constitute an extension of Benin's political life. 

The nearly six thousand kilometers that separate us from our families in no way take away our worries, our hopes, our wishes and our ambitions for Benin. We believe in our strengths, our skills that we want to put at the service of Benin and we are proud of our languages, our culture, our education as well as our art because they are what define us.

The Progressive Union in France is an active section, open to all Beninese in the diaspora in France for whom, the underdevelopment of African countries is not inevitable and who have decided to take action. The section offers a good framework for integration, collaboration, listening, action and development of ideas in order to support Benin’s modernization projects. Joining the UP Section France, means resolutely being :

  • WORKER ;
  • UNIT  ;

I invite the Beninese diaspora in France to join us with a common goal : To create or support a favorable return home environment for us and for our descendants as well as to change the lives of all Beninese.




1st Deleguate in Women’s Affairs and Development

The Women and Development Commission (CFD) of the UP section-France derives its legitimacy from Article 58 paragraph 15 of the Party’s statutes and internal regulations (attribution of standing technical committees).

The Section-France commission is made up of 2 women, comrade Rose Talon Akakpo and comrade Viviane Zinzindohoué. The objective of our committee in France is :

▪ To impact the policy and action of local UP elected officials through proposals in :
	o Health (infant and maternal) : Fight against malnutrition, breast cancer and endometriosis ;
	o Economic empowerment of women through projects (valuation of unpaid domestic work) ;	
	o Promoting the sharing of responsibilities within the household ;
▪ To take initiatives (for example the video of incitement of men, within the framework of Pink October, to check and have their breasts checked) ;
▪ Make political advocacy in all areas (for example a song for the launch of the presidential campaign) ;
▪ To promote the UP France section within the Beninese female diaspora.



1st UP-France Youth Delegate

Youth often influence the development of society through their motivation, intelligence, commitment and skills. As an organized group, it most often stimulates a need for evolution through its involvement in the political, social and economic arenas and thereby seeks a society that responds to its concerns.

The transformation that is underway in our country will not happen without taking into account the dynamism, vigor and talent of this youth. It must be carried by those who represent this development and social transformation in Benin. A historic opportunity to change the policy of our country, offered us in a framework of support and innovation to resolutely change Benin.

You have no shortage of talents, ideas and inertia is not part of your philosophy of life. The Progressive Union (UP) is a citizens’ movement in which the participation, actions, projects and commitment of women and men, especially youth, for the transformation of our country are essential.

Young Beninese from the diaspora ; take this opportunity ; let’s all mobilize and carry this message of confidence to the Beninese diaspora.

Join us and let’s act together.



1st Councilor of the Union Progressiste Section-France

Since April 2016, Benin has resolutely taken the path of change to be part of the evolutionary trend of the 21st century. Every Beninese, wherever he is, is encouraged to become a conscious actor in this movement and to make his contribution to the establishment of lasting change.



Deputy Mayor for Built Heritage of the city of Fontenay-sous-Bois

Elected French of Beninese origin, we proudly wear the colors of France while bringing our expertise and experience to the development of Benin. We make our talents and skills available to our country of origin. At the same time, we also have the opportunity to promote Beninese education and wisdom.

On the strength of our involvement in the local life of French municipalities and aware of our roles as well as our duties towards Benin, we are committed to the Union Progressiste Section-France in order to pool best practices that could serve the development of Benin.