A. Presentation of the structure of the UP Section-France:

In accordance with the Party’s statute, the Union Progressiste Section France is structured as follows:

B. The committees of the Section-France:

1. Presentation of committees:

The commissions of the France Section are responsible for informing and guiding the Executive Bureau France on various issues relating to the internal life of the party, the Diaspora France, the Beninese Nation and the International Community. They are five in number (5) namely:

Each Standing Technical Commission is made up of members elected from among the activists because of their technical competence, during the General Assembly.

Each commission is headed by the 1st elected delegate in charge of steering the activities of this commission.
The specific attributions of the standing technical committees are defined in the Internal Regulations.

2. The powers of the standing technical committees:

i. The Youth Commission

          It is responsible for :

        • Federate Beninese youth from the diaspora ;
        • To interest young people in the diaspora in the events taking place in Benin ;
        • Encourage young people to play their role as citizens ;
        • Help young people in their projects to Benin ;
        • Guide skills for the development of Benin.

ii.The Women and Development Commission

          It is responsible for :

        • Promote women within and outside the Party ;
        • Encourage the involvement of women in political life ;
        • Carry out campaigns for the fight against gender inequality ;
        • Support the education of women (increase the promotion of family planning through the use of social networks, for example) and young girls (prevent pregnancies in schools, fight against delinquency and prostitution) ;
        • Develop projects for the management of care (maternal and child, treatment of breast cancer, treatment of endometriosis) ;
        • Support actions to combat violence against women and violence in schools.

iii. The Organization Commission

          The role of the organization commission is to organize the material and administrative procedures and events. She has technical and legal responsibility for the smooth running of events, including with regard to third parties.

        • Authorization requests and administrative declarations;
        • Search for event partners;
        • Information for activists (leaflets, flyers, ...);
        • Organization of event spaces (seats, stands, devices, posters, security, presence, ...);
        • Organization of VIP reception area and press;
        • Organization of side events;
        • Organization of parking lots and traffic if necessary;
        • Information of participants and local populations;
        • Organization of security and rescue;
        • Establishment of a provisional budget and an assessment of events;
        • Dissemination of all information to UP France Headquarters.

iv. The Training Commission

           It is responsible for :

        • Communicate and train executives and members in the rules, procedures and values of the Party;
        • Encourage the democratic value within the Party;
        • Develop training methodologies for old and new members;
        • Encourage cordial exchanges and good behavioral practices between members;
        • Support strategies for recruiting new members;
        • Contribute to the establishment of an independent disciplinary committee responsible for sanctioning members of the Party who do not respect the rules, procedures and values of the Party;
        • Participate in the establishment of a monitoring strategy for Party members, voters and society;
        • Identify talents and propose them to the Bureau for functions within the Party;
        • Provide follow-up reports on the training situation to the Office of the France Section.

v. The Legal Affairs Commission

            It is responsible for :

        • Governance;
        • Regulation;
        • The conformity of the texts and the statutes of the organs of the Party;
        • Follow-up of legal files;
        • Internal and external relations of the Party.

vi. The Council of French elected officials of Beninese origin :

          On the basis of the orientations of the Progressive Party, it is constituted within UP Section-France of a melting pot of activists focused on local life to :

        • Be a source of proposals and support the Executive Board of the UP Section France on the political and administrative level ;
        • Encourage a dynamic of consultation and sustainable exchanges with the local authorities of Benin ;
        • Support decentralization while building capacities in municipal management ;
        • Deploy skills through the pooling of good practices to optimize political actions in Benin ;
        • Advocacy with UP Section France to public and private, political, economic and social, national and European institutions ;
        • Support UP France and stimulate a responsible citizen dynamic within the diaspora with motivated political and associative networks ;
        • Assist the party in organizing meetings with the Beninese diaspora ;
        • Mobilize resources for support, assistance and contribution to the local implementation of national development programs ;
        • Capacity building for women and young people in politics and support for the Beninese network of elected women ;
        • Promote a culture of monitoring and evaluation of local projects on the basis of quantitative (number of beneficiaries of a project) and qualitative indicators (mobilization of partners, participatory approach of beneficiaries, integrated approach to sustainable development, etc.).