The Progressive Union Party, France Section, includes members from various social levels, various ethnic groups and various ages who share common basic values:

Women and men who are not satisfied with the situation of the world in which they live, with the current situation of their continent, nor of their country.

This simple observation prompts them to seek progress and change:
Through these values and after many constructive criticisms, they forged convictions to fight against injustice, inequality, violence, environmental degradation, the enslavement of men and women, economic imbalance and poverty.

These values are those of the Republic of Benin as they should have been since independence.
That for all :

    • Men and women are free and equal in rights;
    • The right to provide for themselves and their families under good conditions;
    • We live in a secular country in which all religions and cultures coexist peacefully;
    • Education, the freedom to think and express opinions are a right;
    • Social, economic, political and health security is a right;
    • Access to state-provided services and the pursuit of happiness are a right.